Forks & Accessories

Forklift Booms

FFC’s Booms / Rhino Horns are tailor made to suit any tonnage and any application. From the standard carpet boom to a heavy-duty coil handler FFC strives to meet our customer’s applications every need. Made to suit all ISO mounting classes as well as all specialize pin type mounting. FFC offers units of any length and diameter

Forklift Carriages

FFC’s carriages are tailor made to fit any forklift truck and ISO mounting requirements. From standard hook on units to integral units to suit any forklift truck. FFC can offer any length required for any application and our helpful sales staff are available to come to site to measure any special requirements you may have. All carriages are manufacture in house to the latest ISO requirements.

Forklift Crane Jibs

FFC tailor makes Crane Jibs to suit any application and tonnage required. We can offer fixed units and manual telescopic units. Both can be offered in either fork mounted or carriage mounted to suit your application requirements. Our sales team are readily available to come to site and offer our expertise in which units would best work for you.

Forklift Drum Handlers/Grabbers

Forklift drum handlers come in a selection of 1 or 2 drum capacity so you can increase productivity and efficiency in your factory or warehouse. Forklift drum handlers are also available with 1 drum grabber head or 2 drum grabber heads. If your drums are fairly lightweight or smaller in size, 1 drum grabber head will do.

If you’re moving heavier 55-gallon drums, a 2 head handler is recommended for extra secure lifting and transport because the handler grabs the drum at 2 locations around the lip of the drum.

Forklift Forks

FFC offers a wide range of forklift forks in all mounting classes and sizes. All our forklift forks are ISO 2328 and ISO 2323 accredited and follow a strict production process ensuring you get the best quality forklift fork at the best possible price. Each fork is subjected to a fatigue, static and resilience test to deliver a fork that is tough and capable to withstand the most robust applications.

Forklift Side Shift Attachment

FFC forklift side shift attachment is the result of a major design review to satisfy the market demand for improved reliability and efficiency.

Forklift Working Platform

FFC offers a forklift working platform suitable for 2 people. The unit can be supplied fully assembled or in a flat pack. All FFC’s forklift working platforms are Department of Labour compliant. Units are fork mounted making it easy to attach / detach from the forklift truck.

Freezer Spacers

Freezer spacers cut energy costs and reduce freezer cycle times by allowing cold air to circulate quickly to the middle of the stack. The unique surface finish of the separator is easily power washed, steamed or scrubbed without losing the freezer spacers effectiveness. Available in 1016 x 1219mm or 800 x 1219mm sizes and rated to 1150 Kgs static load.

Premier Pallet Systems market a range of American-made freezer spacers that are regarded as the World’s most popular brand. Their purpose is to reduce blast freezing times for cartoned meat by allowing the cold air to circulate more effectively between each layer.